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Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge

  • Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge
  • Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge
  • Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge
  • Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge
  • Ethernet Extender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge
Model No.︰MLS-323G-U
Brand Name︰MLS-323G-U
Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China
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Product Description


EthernetExtender over Coaxial /Phone Bridge

MLS-323G-U is the best partner for you to enjoy Internet audio and video entertainment!
Provide the dual Giga Ethernet port interface, you can easily access through TV or home phone jack. Do not have to worry about WIFI wireless signal blocking problem.


Every in-home coax or phone jack can be a home AV network connection.

MLS-323G-U provide two interface of Coaxial and Phone for home networking more easy. Have a high-speed the GIGA network interface, the transmission provides smooth HD high-definition video streaming transmission quality.  Just using the MLS-323G-U connected TV/phone in the room on the wall socket outlet. Additional network equipment connected via a network cable. Plug & Play design.Allows you to instantly enjoy high-speed, high-quality audio and video streaming services.A Versatile of network applications and smooth online gaming experience.Whether you are in the living room or den can enjoy anytime, anywhere MLS-323G-U convenience as well as ultra-high-speed network transmission speed.


Key Features

  • Every in-home coax or phone jack can be a home AV network connection.
  • High-Speed 224Mbps communications link over existing Coaxial/Copper Cable
  • 192Mbps@ up to 700 meters(2,296feet), reach down to 128Mbps @ about 900M(2,952feet)
  • Operates transparent to high layer protocols such as TCP/IP
  • Auto-MDIX and Auto-sensing 10Base-T or 100Base-TX and Full or Half-Duplex on the Ethernet port and 1000Base-TX Full-duplex
  • Plug and Play design for simple installation
  • Status LEDs for simple monitoring of the device and connection status
  • Parameterized and prioritized quality of service (QoS) guarantees the delivery of high priority packets in the presence of best effort data streams.
  • Number of Endpoints does not affect the total system bandwidth of the network.



  • Extend LAN connectivity to a remote site or between buildings.
  • Connect Ethernet over the different Room over existing house’s Coaxial/Phone infrastructure
  • Extend WIFI wireless signal reception is poor places through Coaxail/Phone wrie.


Easy for Plug & Play design

MLS-323G-U allows you to easily convert TV /phone line in the home as part of the home network. So that you can easily to any corner of the home network, extends the home through the MLS-323G-U Plug and Play. And let high-definition digital TV, Blu-ray players, personal computers, wireless AP and other network devices to easily connect to the Internet. The main goal of MLS-323G-U is to enable consumers to access, store, and share a wide variety of content around the home without having to install new wiring. This includes broadband data, HD programs, video-on-demand (VOD), multi-room HD DVR recordings, voice over IP (VoIP), and streaming of HD video, music, and photos.

Enjoy stable and smooth HD video transmission and gaming experience

The design of new MLS-323G-U has IEEE802.3ab network transmission standard, provides a more high-performance network, so you can also enjoy the services of high quality audio and video streaming, multiplayer gaming and Internet swim.


QoS mechanisms to strengthen the quality of media streaming

With advanced QoS features to improve the service quality of multimedia streaming applications. Such as triple-play (data, voice and video) services, high-definition video streaming, VoIP and high-speed Internet access.


Energy-saving design, reducing energy consumption

Engrgy-saving & Low-power design, when no data access and connection, MLS-323G-U will automatically enter a power-saving mode to reduce energy consumption by 40%.


Hybrid-Link capacity of the transmission medium

        MLS-323G-U can also use coaxial cable and telephone lines for transmission capacity. Let your home network installation more convenient.

Payment Terms︰T/T IN ADVANCE
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